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Valencia AI 2nd edition - March 2018

Valencia is one of the most culturally diverse and advanced cities in the world. A hip place where you see people from various cultural backgrounds mingle together shaping the future. With talent coming from all around the world, and with a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem, Valencia is home to some of the most successful tech startups and AI entrepreneurs globally! Valencia AI is a community of likeminded movers and shakers in the local AI space, and it is part of a global movement, CITY.AI. Valencia AI gatherings are quarterly, 2 hour events for Artificial Intelligence practitioners focusing on lessons learned applying AI.


15min talks of industry peers sharing insights and actionable advice based on hands-on experiences applying AI. Check out our next Valencia AI speakers.


Peer-to-Peer sessions on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to connect with new and leading practitioners in your technology realm. Join to increase your network.


Clinic sessions for practitioners to share their specific challenge applying AI gathering initial feedback from industry peers and fellow practitioners. Apply to present your challenge through the registration form.




March 2018


Our team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring expertise, thoughts, and ideas to the table to build a strong community.


Roberto Paredes

Valencia AI ambassador

Dr. Roberto Paredes joined in 2000 the Computer Science Department of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV), where he is until now serving as an Associate Professor. His current fields of interest include Statistical Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Biometrics, Large-scale problems, Multimedia Retrieval and Relevance Feedback. Dr. Paredes is the head of the PRHTL Research Centre and former President of the Spanish AERFAI Association. Moreover he is now the CTO and Co-founder of Solver Machine Learning, a spin-off of the UPV. Nowadays he is focused mainly in Deep Learning techniques and some of his DL solutions are applied to different sectors where Solver Machine Learning is working on.

Antonio Eslava - Head

Antonio Eslava

Valencia AI collaborator

Project Manager with a long career in IT, he is looking always ahead in technology development and its practical applications. After riding several technical waves over the years, he has nowadays absolutely embraced the Big Data / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Revolution. Deeply convinced of AI being a key factor for the new qualitative leap in the efficiency of human interactions and quality of life. He seeks to fill the gap between the quick progress in AI and the slow implementation in companies as a source of efficiency. With a degree in Sociology, he continuously monitors the impact of technologies in human societies.


Patricia Pastor

Entrepreneurship Senior officer of VIT Emprende-Valencia City Council

Patricia Pastor Entrepreneurship Senior officer of VIT Emprende-Valencia City Council VIT Emprende is Valencia’s network of innovative entrepreneurs that the City Council has launched via València Activa. Its members have the chance to share knowledge, collaborate in R&D activities, transfer technology and create synergies by networking and maintaining contact with prominent bodies in the field of Valencian entrepreneurship. The results of this joint work will directly benefit the economy and citizens, fostering employment and entrepreneurship.


Clara Castillejo

Solver Machine Learning

Clara Castillejo is General Manager of Solver Machine Learning, an international company focused on development of Machine Learning solutions for real companies, based on Valencia. We are involved in the creation of a local artificial intelligence community in Spain with City AI to connect talents, research and discoveries with the global AI community. Before joining Solver Machine Learning, Clara worked at IESE Business School for 9 years.


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